Welcome to a new world of hydrogen technology.

New Generation of hydrogen sensors and hydrogen catalysts made in Germany

Welcome to a new world of hydrogen technology.

More than ten years ago, the first work on the development of today's hydrogen sensors started. The result of these years of research activities is now H2 sensors, which are not yet available on the market with these properties: 

  • anorganic, nanostructured
  • very narrow-band reaction to hydrogen 
  • very short reaction and decay times 
  • inexpensive to manufacture.

We supply sensors for industry, for laboratory applications in the automotive sector or the aerospace industry. Take a look here.

We also produce hydrogen burners/catalysts, which burn e.g. hydrogen or other air-gas mixtures flameless in a wide concentration range. Areas of application are e.g. 

  • Combustion of process and waste gases and use of thermal energy
  • Oxygen freeing for fire fighting and thin layer chromatography
  • Hydrogen removal in the helium liquefaction plant or a hydrogen high-pressure electrolyzer (removal of oxygen on the hydrogen side)
  • Heat generation from hydrogen, e.g. as hydrogen heating for the house or to torch boiling gas and use the temperature to increase the pressure.
  • Hydrogen combustion of an aluminum pickling or aluminum anodizing process

In addition, they can be produced cost-effectively and convert even the smallest amounts of hydrogen. Get an overview here.

Under Produkte und Services you will find an overview of our various sensors, sensor systems and hydrogen burners.

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