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neo hydrogen sensors GmbH

Company profile

neo hydrogen sensors GmbH is a medium-sized company that produces hydrogen sensors and catalysts.

neo hydrogen sensors GmbH - neohysens for short - is part of the neoxid group. For more than 10 years we have been working on the hydrogen technology of the future with a focus on hydrogen sensors and catalysts. After many years of research, sensors have been developed that are not yet available on the market: anorganic, nanostructured H2-sensors that react very precisely to hydrogen and have very short response- and decay times.

With the development of hydrogen catalysts about two years later, we have reached our goal and are now producing catalytic hydrogen burners at cost-effective prices, which start at room temperature and convert flamelessly even the smallest amounts of hydrogen. Other air-gas mixtures can also burn flamelessly in a wide concentration range. Comparable catalysts are not yet available on the market.

With the production of the sensors and catalytic burners by neo hydrogen sensors GmbH, a major step has been taken in hydrogen technology as a future technology. All our processes are ISO9001 compliant.


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