Investor Relations

Investment in next-generation technologies

Investor Relations

neo hydrogen sensors GmbH is currently not listed on the stock exchange, but is preparing an IPO. However, investments in our group of companies are possible at any time. For example, you can do this by

  • become shareholders, through the purchase of shares or an increase in share capital or
  • you will be part of a blockchain model "Security Token Offerings" (STO), in which you will receive security tokens from neo hydrogen sensors GmbH that are comparable to shares.

If you are interested, please send your inquiry to

We are pleased to announce that the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy has issued a notice confirming the eligibility of neo hydrogen sensors GmbH for funding under the INVEST funding scheme to investmentsubsidise venture capital for private investors. neo hydrogens sensors GmbH is thus demonstrably innovative and, according to the commercial register, belongs to an industry defined as innovative. With this award, private investors receive a non-repayable, tax-free subsidy of 20 percent of the capital investment when acquiring shares. In addition, there is a lump-sum refund of taxes on profits on the sale of the acquired shares. You can read more details here.