H2 sensor up to 100 vol.-%

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Hydrogen measuring system in oxygen-free/inert environment with temperature, pressure and air humidity compensated signal evaluation. Typical application is e.g. the use in the anode circuit of PEM fuel cells to determine a tertiary mixture of hydrogen, nitrogen and water vapour or to determine hydrogen concentrations under inert conditions.

Most important characteristics:

  • Measuring range H2: 0 to 100 vol.%
  • Tolerance ± 2 % by volume H2
  • Temperature measuring range: -40 to 85 °C
  • Pressure range: 0.6 to 5 bar absolute
  • Air humidity: 0 to 100 % r.h. (non condensing)
  • Response time: t90 < 5 s 
  • Recovery time: t10 < 5 s
  • Signal output via 0-10V DAC or 4-20 mA

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This system is also available as hydrogen measuring system in air or oxygen-depleted air.