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neo hydrogen sensors GmbH now offers a safe solution for water treatment with the patented catalytic converter NEO312-Hydrokat.

Typical applications of our NEO312-Hydrokat:

  • Catalytic, flameless, thermal combustion of H2/air-gas mixtures
  • Implementation of hydrogen waste
  • Catalytic afterburning of fuel cell exhaust gases or electrolysis gas
  • Safety technology, explosion prevention, fire prevention through O2-administration
  • usable for LOHC applications
  • Hydrocat replacement

Water treatment on the safe side - Electrodeionisation (EDI) and electrolytic ozone generation have established themselves in water treatment due to their chemical-free process technology. The cathodic reaction produces hydrogen in these processes. Since hydrogen-air mixtures are explosive over a wide concentration range, the exhaust gas flow must either be sufficiently diluted by efficient room ventilation or exhaust ventilation or discharged to the outside through explosion-protected exhaust pipes. This is where the NEO312-Hydrokat comes in.

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Further technical details about the NEO312-Hydrokat can be found above in the "Data sheet".

NEO312.Hydrokat                     NEO312-Hydrokat